Elon Musk’s Unexpected U-Turn on AI Chatbot BOB Causes 45% Price Plunge

• The BOB token was a chatbot created by an Indian programmer to explain tweets on Twitter.
• Initially, the AI received support from Elon Musk and the token rose in value.
• However, Musk suspended the AI in June 2023 after accusing it of being a scam, causing the token to plummet by 45%.

What Is The BOB Token?

The BOB token is a meme coin running on the ERC-20 network that was created by Indian programmer Prabhu Biswal as an AI tweet explainer designed to provide concise explanations for tweets. It had about 400,000 followers when it was suspended.

Initial Support From Elon Musk

Initially, the Twitter community embraced BOB since it provided a valuable service, and even Elon Musk showed his approval with a tweet which caused the token to rise 5% in value.

Unexpected Suspension Of BOB

In June 2023, Musk accused BOB of being a scam and subsequently suspended it on Twitter. This sudden distrust led to its price plummeting by 45%.

The Impact Of Scam Allegations On Meme Coins

Meme coins often come with their own set of scams and absurd scenarios — however this episode reveals how quickly they can be affected by accusations of fraud or other negative associations.


The story of BOB serves as an example of how volatile meme tokens can be due to external influences such as allegations or endorsements from high-profile figures like Elon Musk. While some meme coins may show promise in terms of technology or use cases, there are still many risks associated with investing in them due to their speculative nature.


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